Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Digital Marketing cost?
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Digital marketing costs vary based on your specific business, industry, and the competition in your geographic area. Vision 2 Market reviews your current digital marketing strategy and discusses the options with you. Most marketing and advertising plans range from $675 – $3,500 a month depending on the size of your company and goals. The exact price of your digital marketing campaign is discussed with you in detail before any work begins.

Marketing consultation, search engine optimization, paid social media advertising, organic posts, email marketing, business listing submission, blogging, website design updates, and graphic design services may be included in your monthly payment. You decide what you or your staff can do internally. Vision 2 Market is here to provide the marketing and advertising services you need most. All marketing and advertising services are tailored to your business and staffing needs.

I own my website; can you help me with marketing and advertising?

Yes, Vision 2 Market helps all types of businesses manage, market, and advertise their existing website. You focus on what you love to do while Vision 2 Market concentrates on new leads.

Vision 2 Market will require the login to your website and hosting prior to the start of any project. The trusted website developers at Vision 2 Market will make recommendations to improve and manage your website monthly. Website hosting security and backup plans are required before Vision 2 Market performs any work on an existing website. If you do not have a website hosting plan with security and daily backups, Vision 2 Market can help you obtain these services.

Do you build mobile friendly websites and e-commerce sites?
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Yes, Vision 2 Market builds e-commerce websites. If you need a shopping cart to sell products, Vision 2 Market can help you design a website. If you do not have a domain name for your business, the marketing team can recommend one. Your website hosting, security, and backup plan will be established before any work begins. The website designers at Vision 2 Market design and build your e-commerce site and upload products, pricing, shipping, and tax information. Not sure which gateway you want to use to collect online payments? Vision 2 Market can help you make the best e-commerce decisions for your business.

Vision 2 Market can teach you how to manage your own e-commerce site or website. We do not own your website. There are no additional fees to build an e-commerce site after the site is paid in full. You simply pay Vision 2 Market to advertise and manage your website. Our website developers and marketers are paid based on the work performed which includes obtaining new monthly leads. Vision 2 Market succeeds when you generate more business!

Are you holding marketing meetings in person since the pandemic?

Prior to the pandemic, Vision 2 Market met every customer in person. Throughout the pandemic, the staff has met with business owners online. The team continues to help entrepreneurs remotely. Vision 2 Market meets every client in person or virtually since the pandemic. Marketing meetings are scheduled based on where you live and current world events.

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Can I hire Vision 2 Market for one service?

Yes, Vision 2 Market services are offered a la carte. The marketing and advertising staff is here to support your business where you need it most. While some clients hire us for website design, others hire us for social media or search engine marketing. If you already have these services in place, most companies hire us for search engine optimizationgraphic design, print or digital advertising.

Vision 2 Market is here to fulfill your business marketing and advertising needs. Sometimes business owners just need help with writing new online content. Copywriting, photography, and blog writing services are available. Other entrepreneurs may need help with graphic design and print advertising. No matter what your needs are, Vision 2 Market can help you achieve them with over 20 years of business and marketing experience. Whether it’s one service or an entire digital marketing campaign, you can trust Vision 2 Market with your website, social media management, online reviews, content creation, blog writing, and advertising and marketing needs.

What do you charge to build a website?

Vision 2 Market currently charges $1,000 per website page. This fee includes the design, build, copywriting, and photography needed to design a website page. Vision 2 Market suggests a page for every service you offer. Multiple products can be featured on one page with a shopping cart. You can also feature your work or products in a gallery or portfolio page. Vision 2 Market offers you an affordable payment plan. The focus is to help achieve your business goals.

All websites are custom built and designed based on what you do and the services or products you provide. Vision 2 Market charges a one-time fee to build and design your website. After the website is built, you can maintain or manage it on your own. You can also pay Vision 2 Market to maintain your website monthly. Website developers, copywriters, and graphic designers produce relevant content every month to improve your search engine optimization results. The best way to advertise and market your website is to consistently add new information. Consider organic search engine strategies, paid search engine marketing and sharing content on social media. Consistent social posts and social media advertising to local markets can be very effective.

How can Vision 2 Market grow with my business?

Vision 2 Market helps startups as well as seasoned businesses at every turn. We grow with you at every stage. Whether it’s help with finding new employees or gearing up to sell your business before retirement, one thing is for sure. Vision 2 Market is a trustworthy and reliable advertising and marketing resource for your business.

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