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Logo Design

Logo Design is an important part of branding your company. Vision 2 Market designed the Seven Quarts Tavern logo to capture the essence of this new restaurant in Northport, New York. The idea of using seven bottles with different looks and various sizes helps make this logo design stand out as an iconic symbol for the restaurant.
The restaurant has been taken over by new management since 2018. Therefore, new management choose a different logo by Vision 2 Market to rebrand themselves under new ownership. If you are looking for a creative logo, Contact Vision 2 Market. We’ll create a custom logo from scratch or enhance the look of your existing image. Sometimes it’s just takes a simple font adjustment, specific colors, or a custom icon or symbol to create the perfect logo for your business.

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Whether you are a new business owner or very seasoned, the best part about working with Vision 2 Market is that we are with you every step of the way. From the start of your business or until you retire, our staff helps to grow your business brand until you reach success. In addition, Vision 2 Market increases your brand recognition across the internet and in print. Our customers are start-ups or businesses with over 25 years experience.

No matter where you are in your business cycle, Vision 2 Market becomes your partner. Just as your are looking to create lifelong customers, we do too. Vision 2 Market acts as an addition to your marketing department. Don’t have a formal marketing department? Vision 2 Market becomes yours with the goal of achieving all your digital marketing and print advertising goals.

If you are local to Greater Boston or Long Island, give us a call at 781-364-7611 or call 631-848-0121. Since we are living in unprecedented times, we can work with you virtually. As a result, call us wherever you are located in the United States. We know good help is hard to find. Vision 2 Market will navigate through this time with you.