Social Media Return On Engagement – Start An Online Conversation

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Social Media Return On Engagement – Start An Online Conversation

Vision 2 Market Social Media ManagementSocial Media return on engagement (ROE) is a key term every business should be focused on today.  A lot of us have been paying special attention to keywords and phrases for a long time. ROE is one we can’t afford to miss.  I’ve been talking about the term return on engagement for at least the past three years at marketing presentations throughout New York and New England.

The image on this blog might look familiar to anyone that has attended my marketing presentations. What is return on engagement? My definition of ROE is the benefit you receive from creating meaningful engagement with your audience on social media. We all hope our conversations and content on social media result in more online sharing and ultimately more sales.

By now you are probably investing a lot of time and money in social media for your business. You’re already committed to making social media work. Maybe you are running a social media ad, maintaining your pages organically or both. The financial investment and time devoted to running social media must create valuable interaction with your customers. It’s important to brainstorm ways to create conversations and effectively engage with your audience. It’s not enough to have a social media platform and simply post to it, tweet, upload a photo, create an ad or just participate in it to keep everything current.

Every business needs a social media strategy with a smart thought process. One with an emphasis on creating engagement with the audience. When people find you online, try sending them a customized messages specific to your brand. Does this mean you should write every single person a message? Not necessarily! It doesn’t mean to follow everyone back, friend each person, or accept all Linkedin requests either. Just be careful not to dismiss people. If they are paying attention to your brand, it behooves you to at least investigate. Then you can make an informed decision about how you might potentially engage a person or company.

Comment on blog posts relevant to your industry, use the hashtag on trending topics and discuss current events online to draw attention to your brand.  Don’t be afraid to share your voice online. Don’t force a post or tweet. If you are thinking too long about uploading a certain image it’s probably not a good idea. If it doesn’t come naturally, don’t put it out there. Use your instincts!

Develop specific goals for each social media platform whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, Linkedin or Google +. Ask questions and create calls-to-action that will prompt your audience to interact with your brand. Most importantly, pay close attention to the engagement you are creating with your customers about your brand on social media. Create more opportunities for your company online by starting conversations with your audience. The engagement you initiate will have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Most businesses see a return on engagement within the first year of participating in social media.  Concentrate on what I call the four E’s. Evaluate your social media strategy. Excite your audience with great content, promotions or contests. Entice them to connect with you and lastly, Engage them by starting an online conversation! Good luck and keep it fun! For more social media information contact Vision 2 Market.


Catherine Flores

Catherine Flores is the Owner of Vision 2 Market, LLC established in Huntington, New York since 2006. Catherine holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Adelphi University in Garden City, New York. You'll find her spending time with family, exploring the outdoors, walking her havanese, and mixing up organic eats in the kitchen when she's not collaborating with clients in Long Island, New York, Norwood, Massachusetts, and Sebring, Florida.

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